Saturday, March 9, 2013

The integration of the successful mind set with the high probability trading rules

A few months ago, I planned to review my integration of the successful mind set of high probability traders into my trading rules. Today, I finally got a chance to work on it. The idea is that if this mind set is incorporated into the trading rules, it's most likely the successful mind set is achieved naturally as a byproduct of the trading rules. I'll review the integration of the following actions with my trading rules one by one today and should probably come back to revisit them in the future to make improvements.

1.  Pre-define risks of every trades
The risks of my trades are controlled by my trade sizes mainly. I trade a predefined contract size of options persistently. So the portfolio risk is always predefined, although it may increase after certain adjustments. I don't assume MAX losses with my spreads since I plan to make adjustments before that. It's a challenge for me to establish a rule to insure for potential black swan event.

2. Completely accept the risk or take action to eliminate non-tolerant risk

For high probability option selling portfolio, it's crucial to ensure comfort-ability with the risks of the portfolio and corresponding adjustment trades. It's one of my trading rule that if the predefined risk is violated, the extra positions should be closed.

3. Objectively identify trading opportunities

My trading rules specify when to initiate/exit monthly trades, and when to adjust trades. I also trade indexes mainly. As long as these rules are clear, there  is no issue of missing opportunities.

4. Execute trading rules for each opportunity without reservation and hesitation

Since I have detailed rules for opening positions, I can easily open positions without any issue. The challenge is in the adjustment side. As long as my criteria to start adjustment is clear, this should be OK in general.

5. Reward ourselves as market gives a win for us

Need to encourage ourselves for successful establishment and execution of trading rules. I think it helps to nurture winning altitude as well. No plan to take profits away from trading account at this time.

6. Keep monitor trading processes and susceptibility for making errors 

Will work on trading process to establish an enabling trading environment. I have created a trading procedure to validate every trade. Some times, it's easy to make adjustment trade errors. So there is a need to follow the validation rule to minimize trading errors.

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