Monday, June 10, 2013

Closed July option inventories on new profit target for non-directional trades

After about 3 weeks since initiating the July option premium sales and 2 weeks since completing the July option selling portfolio, the market returned to my portfolio center with a neutral Delta today. In the last few weeks, I have firmed up my profit exiting rules and included them in my plan. So I took the action to follow it through by closing all of my smooth portfolio option positions for a limited profit. I'll describe my profit exit rules in a separate post.
The above image showed the portfolio status at the point I decided to exit all positions. The actual profit is usually smaller than the value shown in this type of charts due to slippage of option trades.

One of the effects of my current profit target appears to be the early exit. I'll continue to work on my ThinkScript to track the performance of these July options so that I can come up with good exit criteria if necessary.

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