Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Started to exit August positions due to strong market

My option income trading rules require me to exit 4 to 3 weeks before expiration in order to reduce Gamma risk. Yesterday, I decided to take a first step to exit, considering the market resisting to fall much and my portfolio Delta was over -20 and Gamma around 1.4. I forgot to capture the TOS screen before exiting the SPX DC. So I had to reconstruct with addition of a double calendar. The following image showed the approximate Greeks at the time of this exit and the P/L day value was higher than actual value due to the addition of the DC into the analyzer.

So I closed the double calendars for SPX & RUT and the UPRO which has a Delta of 12. In the end, I got a mostly Delta neutral portfolio as shown below. The resulted Gamma and Theta were acceptable for me.

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