Saturday, January 25, 2014

Super Trader Karen Study Group

The successful story of super trader Karen has captured attention and imagination of many option traders. Some readers are looking for ways to communicate with each other about the strategy. They left great comments or contacted me via email in the last year or so since my original post. Encouraged by the enthusiasm, I finally created a Yahoo Group to help option traders who are interested in studying this strategy. I certainly expect to learn a lot of insights from fellow option traders as well, as I have seen some members stating great success in the last few years selling options or managing million dollar account.

This is a restricted user group focusing on the study of selling naked options, the Karen way. Main topics that I can think of right now include the following:

  • Discussions on super-trader Karen's strategy
  • Back-testing the option premium selling strategy
  • Trading (paper or real) the strategy
  • Other related topics

The strategy requires intermediate and advanced understanding of option trades, such as implied volatility, probability, option Greeks. So it's only good for people with the proper level of knowledge and experience. I'd like to make the posted messages available to the public even though only the members can post. But for some reason, the Yahoo group web site grey'ed out the option of Non Members can view messages section. If I figure out how to enable this option in the future, then the public could read the group messages.

In the past 3 weeks since the inception of the group, we have over 30 members joined which is beyond my expectation. Members seem to be from different countries, include USA, Canada, Italy, India, Singapore, etc. If you think you have the right skill and like to contribute, welcome to join this dynamic community.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am a fairly experienced trader, trading mostly stat arb strategies. I recently came across interviews with Karen. The story is indeed fascinating. However, no one ever talks about her risk-adjusted performance or exposure to the market. It seems she was long delta the whole of 2013. However, she says she never monitor her delta! I find that strange.

    Anyway, do you know her:
    Sharpe ratio (or Sortino ratio)
    Annualized Volatility
    Correlation with S&P 500
    Worst drawdown.

    Thanks for an interesting blog,