Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sold IWM Jun$114/109 bull put spread

Market was falling in the last couple of days. With the overall uptrend intact and 200 DMA going up, I felt safe to enter a bull put spread on IWM Jun$114/109p for $0.52 credit with 50 DTE. At this time, IWM dropped outside the Bollinger band and to a prior low set 1 month ago. It seemed to rise after the touching. The short strike was of Delta 0.19 area and the strike price was below a couple of major resistance levels.

At this time, I still have one more position to entry to reach my entry margin limit. TLT may be close to its lower boundary now. I may sell some credits tomorrow if possible.  The XLE position has been flat since its entry about 2 weeks ago, as XLE moved sideways to slightly up. Selling another XLE bull put spread may be another option to benefit from its possible rise.

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