Thursday, June 29, 2017

Reducing bullish positions amid weakening market postures

QQQ had turbulent 4 days after I uncovered its short call on last Friday June 23. On the subsequent Monday of June 26, QQQ presented a bearish dark cloud cover candle and fell hard for the next day. It tried to rebound on the 3rd day /w lower volume. On this 4th day, it got hammered again on high volume and undercut the support line around $137.

Looking at other QQQ chart indicators that I use typically, MACD turned down for the again but the new high – new low indicator is still up. Since QQQ showed me the bearish chart pattern, declining MACD and the distributive volume behavior, I decided to sell to close my QQQ September 29 $135 call in my shorter term trading account today for $5.73. For my longer term trading account, I sold the July 21 $140 call for $1.01 against the long option.  The short call strike had Delta around 0.30 which reduced the position delta as a hedge procedure.
On the SPY side, it was sold off today too. However, it had not broken down the lower support line of the up-trending channel yet. I have a July 7 $244.5 call which still has a value around $.20. I plan to roll down if SPY continues to fall tomorrow. It’s not a complete market plunge as the financial ETF’s XLF/KRE did rise.

Citigroup popped out of recent range along with its peers in high volume. I rolled up the July 7 $66 call to July 21 $69 Call for a debit of $0.94, rather than make it naked. My thought was that the weak market may limit the rise of financial stocks as well.

For MU diagonal spread, I exited the position for a credit of $5.32 two days ago on Tuesday June 22, after it touched the recent high and pulled back. My rule is to exit before its earning’s announcement which happens to be today. This rule is used to reduce risk of my portfolio.

For EEM, it broke out of resistance on Monday, June 26. I bought back the short call July 7 $41.4 for $0.60. Since that, it pulled back but the MACD hasn’t dropped for 2 days in a roll yet. I may have to short another call if EEM price drops tomorrow.

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