Friday, October 12, 2012

SPX Iron Condor 2 Month Out

The benefit of a 2 month-out iron condor is less volatile or more smooth during the first 30 day period. If price goes wrong in this initial period, adjustments are relatively easier to make. So if the trade can reach an acceptable profit target in the first 30 days, it will suit well for a conservative portfolio. Let me paper trade this concept for 3 months to investigate if this type of trades are good for my style.

The time frame will be initiating positions 70 to 60 days ahead of expiration and closing positions 40 to 30 days before expiration. If adjustments are made near the end of the trading period, I will give it some more time (7 to 14 days extra) for the adjustments to work out (reaching projected profit target around 8% to 10%).

Note comparing this trade with a single month out IC constructed with the same principal, it has about one half of Theta and Gamma. The delta and vega have similar values.

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