Saturday, October 20, 2012

Template for Monthly Trading Review

The monthly trading review should be part of a trading business process. I'd like to create a review template for monthly trading review and analysis. The review should occur in the 1st or 2nd week of each monthly option expiration cycle. The template can be updated in the future when necessary.

Trading Rules
  • Adherence consistency
  • Skillful application
  • Monthly rule review/study

  • Action during uncertainty
  • Risk Comfort ability/Adverse damage impact
  • Trade anxiety
  • Winning Altitude Development

Trading Time
  • Trading days
  • Rest days
Trades and Market Replay

  • Market Forecast
  • Trades and Adjustments

The trade performance analysis is left out in the monthly review intentionally to promote process-based trading and avoid outcome-based thinking. Follow a solid process, good outcome will be realized after a series of high probability trades. A quarterly trading review template should be created later to cover the trading process at a higher level and include the performance analysis and trading rule refinement.

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